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Water damage comes in many forms.  Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma were very vivid reminders that storms can wreak havoc on any of us here in the beloved Sunshine State.  As we come closer to the beginning of the 2018 Hurricane season, it is important to remember what is covered under a Florida home insurance policy AND what is not. READ MORE >>

Hurricane Matthew is a very serious storm and we urge all of our clients and friends to take all measures necessary to stay out of harms way.  Our Palm Coast office location is now closed but our staff  will  be   answering phones during normal business hours today and Friday. READ MORE >>

As we prepare for Tropical Depression 9, there are some useful resources for residents of Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties below.  Please be sure you have your homeowners and flood insurance policy handy in case you have damage as a result of this storm. READ MORE >>



No, this is not an article about a famous song although it would probably be more entertaining!  This is an informative piece to help business owners understand the Business Owners Policy (BOP).  A BOP is a packaged policy designed to protect small business owners from some of the most common risks and perils they face. READ MORE >>

Water can damage your home in many ways.  Do you know if you are covered?  What if a pipe bursts in your wall or you are subject to flood damage?  How about if your toilets back up or a tropical storm comes through?  Some types of water damage are included in your home insurance policy, however, some are not. READ MORE >>

Wow!  The growth along the State Rd. 54 corridor from Trinity, FL all the way out to Wesley Chapel, FL is overwhelming.  There are several brand new communities all being developed at the same time.  The sounds of progress are all around us as we travel to our Trinity office locati... READ MORE >>

You are beyond excited because you recently purchased a brand new Jeep and have had several modifications done to make it completely tricked out!  Now, your Jeep boasts a lift kit, oversized tires, custom rims, an off-road light kit, and snorkel. READ MORE >>

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